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If you want to start accepting credit card payments in your small business, you will need to sign up with a payment merchant services provider. These providers take care of the difficult things such as getting a merchant account, securing customers' data, and so on. The provider you choose can determine the payment experience that your customers will have. Therefore, take time to research to determine the right provider to sign up with.


However, before signing up with a payment provider , it helps to know how credit card processing works. There are different ways in which you can accept credit card payments. Some of the ways are discussed below.


a) Bank Processing

If a customer has mailed his/her credit card information via a form, you can process it through your bank. However, processing credit card payments through a bank can be quite expensive. Here, you will need to have a merchant account with the bank. After this, you will have to deliver the paper slip containing the customers' credit card information, most likely in person. The bank will carry out the processing and then destroy the paper forms. 


Bank processing only makes sense if you almost always receive your credit card payment information on paper. This can be the case if you are a non profit.


b) Credit Card Imprinting Machines

Using imprinters is one of the oldest and simplest ways of accepting credit card payments. These little plastic swipe machines have been used by businesses for decades. When you swipe a credit card on the machines, they make a carbon copy of the credit card information. You can process the information later. 


However, card imprinting machines are not preferred by many businesses for one main reason: failed charges. In case a customer's credit card is declined, you will not know about it until long after. Moreover, most customers are not comfortable leaving their credit card details in a carbon copy at a store. 


Generally, you should only use imprinters when you have to take payments from customers at a temporary location. However, this payment method is definitely not the best one if you are anticipating large volume transactions.


There are other methods through which you can receive credit card payments. These include using credit card terminals, virtual terminals, swipe hardware, online payment processors, Point of Sale solutions, payment-enabled software and mobile devices. Choose the methods that will be most suitable for your business and click here.


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