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Are you still not accepting credit cards for payments in your business? If so, you are missing out on many potential sales. Small businesses should move and follow customers where they are. Apart from this, they should provider the payment options that would work for customers. Below are some benefits of accepting credit cards.


i) Legitimize your business

When you start accepting credit cards, customers will know you are a legitimate business. This will increase their confidence in your products or services. Displaying the logos of credit card companies on your website or cash register will grab your customers' attention. When shoppers see familiar credit card brand logos at your store, they come to trust you. This makes it easy for them to purchase.


ii) Increase sales

Accepting credit cards will boost your business sales. Today, many customers are moving from using cash only to paying for goods and services using credit and debit cards. Therefore, accepting credit card payments will significantly increase your customer base. As you get more customers, you are likely to learn more and make more sales and in turn improve your bottom line.


iii) Level playing field

Accepting credit cards in your business helps you to be at par with other businesses in your industry. If your competitors are already accepting credit cards, you will have taken care of this competitive advantage. What will remain now is to use other strategies to get more customers.


iv) Increased Buying

When you allow customers to pay for items using credit and debit cards, you will be encouraging them to buy. Shoppers who use credit and debit cards to shop feel more in control. The customers can easily pay for items through their cards, which is more convenient that having to write a check or go to an ATM to withdraw cash. A number of studies show that customers who pay for items using plastic are more likely to spend more than those who pay using cash. This can be due to the fact that they can spend as much as their credit line allows.


v) Improve Cash Flow

 Transactions processed by credit card payment services providers are settled quickly. Depending on the payment processing vendor you are using, the funds may be deposited in your account in a few days. This means you don't have to go through the inconvenience of waiting for a check to clear and hence cash flow problems are significantly eliminated.


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If you want to start accepting credit card payments in your small business, you will need to sign up with a payment merchant services provider. These providers take care of the difficult things such as getting a merchant account, securing customers' data, and so on. The provider you choose can determine the payment experience that your customers will have. Therefore, take time to research to determine the right provider to sign up with.


However, before signing up with a payment provider , it helps to know how credit card processing works. There are different ways in which you can accept credit card payments. Some of the ways are discussed below.


a) Bank Processing

If a customer has mailed his/her credit card information via a form, you can process it through your bank. However, processing credit card payments through a bank can be quite expensive. Here, you will need to have a merchant account with the bank. After this, you will have to deliver the paper slip containing the customers' credit card information, most likely in person. The bank will carry out the processing and then destroy the paper forms. 


Bank processing only makes sense if you almost always receive your credit card payment information on paper. This can be the case if you are a non profit.


b) Credit Card Imprinting Machines

Using imprinters is one of the oldest and simplest ways of accepting credit card payments. These little plastic swipe machines have been used by businesses for decades. When you swipe a credit card on the machines, they make a carbon copy of the credit card information. You can process the information later. 


However, card imprinting machines are not preferred by many businesses for one main reason: failed charges. In case a customer's credit card is declined, you will not know about it until long after. Moreover, most customers are not comfortable leaving their credit card details in a carbon copy at a store. 


Generally, you should only use imprinters when you have to take payments from customers at a temporary location. However, this payment method is definitely not the best one if you are anticipating large volume transactions.


There are other methods through which you can receive credit card payments. These include using credit card terminals, virtual terminals, swipe hardware, online payment processors, Point of Sale solutions, payment-enabled software and mobile devices. Choose the methods that will be most suitable for your business and click here.


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Consumers love to shop and that is one of the great things about being in business and catering to the community. If you have a product that is worth some excitement then people will often flock to your store or website to buy. It is a worthwhile endeavor to have that great product or service and it can also be very profitable. Shopping enthusiasts love to spend money on things that they need or want and you need to be able to provide that to them so that you can make money and stay prosperous. 


One of the most exciting things about consumer buying and selling today is the convenience and instant nature of it all. The internet and new technologies have made it possible for people to buy and sell in a mere matter of seconds. Even brick and mortar locations can enjoy faster sales and consumers enjoy faster buying with the technology at the register. There are debit cards, credit cards, and other payment options today that are fast and easy to use. Businesses need to be able to keep up with this demand so that customers will keep shopping with them. 


If you are hearing about mobile payments then you know it is becoming hugely popular and enticing. Business owners and consumers alike are beginning to take notice to the availability and mass simplicity of such a system. Consumers love to be able to pay with their favorite mobile device and businesses need to be able to accept payment in such a manner. There are mobile credit card processing options now that allow companies to accept mobile payments or to accept a credit or debit card to be processed through their own mobile phone like a swipe card reader at any store register. There are several ways that it can be done and they are each easy and successful. 


Getting a provider like to come in and assess your business and current needs is a great place to start. There are credit card payment processors that are able to help you with all of your business needs in accepting all of the current payment options for your customers. The provider will be able to help with installing equipment and offering advice on how to accept payment easily so that there are no issues upon launch. Many mobile credit card processing providers also provide maintenance on equipment and technical support and that is an excellent addition to have on hand.


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